Hop! voila le 2eme clip de l’album “Lost Blood in Paris” du groupe rock proXima en boite!!!!! Comme d’habitude une énorme quantité de travail (145 plans sur 4 mois). Comme sur le clip précédent, j’ai été assistant réalisateur, puis chargé de la post-production (3D, étalonnage, compositing, …). Bientôt plus d’images de mon travail! Enjoy!!!


Video Clip “The Seeds of Hope”, by proXima
Artist : the french alternative rock band : proXima
myspace profile : http://www.myspace.com/proximarockband
book of the band : http://proximabook.canalblog.com

Song : The Seeds of Hope
Lyrics and music by Jee Wy
Trade to : SACEM
Arranged by Eric Leroy, and Christophe Pichon
Style : Indie alternative rock
Album : The Seeds of Hope is on the proXima album LOST BLOOD IN PARIS (2010).
Film Director : Olivier Benel ( http://www.myspace.com/olivierbenel )
Assistant Director : Serge Da Silva Dias
Screen writer : Olivier Benel
Colorist, compositing and post-processing : Serge Da Silva Dias ( https://www.darkserge.com )

3D concept and animations : Serge Da Silva Dias
Image processing algorithms : Pierre Da Silva Dias & Gerard Yahiaoui, NEXYAD
Camera : Canon 5D Mark II

Make up Artists : Marie Antoine
Painting “La Conseillante” by Sophie Varela ( http://www.sophievarela.com )
Special thanks to the Paris bar Le Piano Vache (Paris : http://www.lepianovache.com ) that lent the old candleabra,
ALCATRAZ Production all rights reserved 2010

Starring :
– proXima members : Jee Wy (the singer/guitarist, also the creepy Master vampire), Eric Leroy (the bassist), and Christophe Pichon (the Drummer),
– Ania Rubaieva (lovely Mistress vampire)
– Anne-Christine Caro (lovely blond vampire)
– Valentina Salerno (lovely brunette vampire)

– Maud Myers (lovely victim and then lovely new female vampire)

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