Image created for the “Star Discovery” challenge of with its artbook :

Spirits Eater

There are few testimonies and even fewer images about the mysterious and secretive “Spirits Eater”. The rare witnesses have been found completely mad. Yet, over the past millennia, regularly, entire planets have been emptied of their populations without even an alert message, and without leaving clues about their modus operandi. This shows the extent of their psychic powers but also their advanced technologies. Some say that their victims would be stored in stasis capsules to slowly absorb their psychic energies, which they would feed on.

Who are they and where do they come from, no one really knows. All we know is that a parasitic race (the original “Spirits Eater”) took possession of an ancient advanced civilization several millennia ago, creating a unique and perfect symbiosis between technology and psychic powers. They remain hidden in the shadow of the centuries, observing us patiently.

The greatest plagues are those that we do not anticipate. It’s been 700 years since we forgot them, they should not be long now…